It’s already been 2 months … And what have I been up to?


o much has happened, the last couple of weeks and I am having a hard time remembering how much I’ve seen, learned and done. London has really started growing on me, perhaps it’s because Fall is my favorite season and it’s still 22 degrees. Perhaps it’s the people I have met. Or the school that has kept me busy. Or perhaps it’s the overall town of friendly people from Uber drivers to moms with their strollers. Anyhow, the city is making me feel warm, my face is bright  (even though I look like a pale snowman), and I am enjoying the challenges I get to do. So what have I done? Listen up …

The second week I was here, I went to London Fashion week and worked backstage for a couple of shows – Fyodor Gordan and Huishan Zhang. It was a lot of fun, extremely stressful and yet a really insightful experience. You don’t really understand the actual number of people that work backstage (especially stylist) until you are there actually working yourself. It’s incredible. And amazing. Would I want to do it again? Ab-so-freaking-lutely, and next time I would love to do even more shows, cause you do indeed learn how to work under pressure, be very precise (every little piece of clothing has a purpose, and therefore needs to be in place) and yet you learn just to go with the flow and be prepared for anything. I am such a fan of fashion week … Sorry, if that offends anyone.

I have already done two fotoshoots as well, and I must say I enjoy it more so then I did in the past – perhaps because I am the one styling them, and not only assisting. My first one had animal print as a theme, and I’ve decided to show the retouched photos below. I wanted to have layers-on-layers in all kinds of animal print, and still make it colourful and bright with some pop of colours, that would really stand out! There’s a lot of research that goes into it, everything from making a moodboard, sourcing clothes, going out looking for inspiration and mixing and matching the pieces together before you go onto the shoot. I never knew how much work there actually is for just one shoot – and normally magazines do 8-10 pages/pictures, I only did two, so this isn’t even the ‘real life’ of an editorial stylist. I enjoyed it though, and I can’t wait for my third shoot which is on friday – this one is also with art direction (for those not knowing what that means, it means that we are using props, I am the one who sets the scene, and tells the models how to stand and look – under pressure much? You bet).

Not only has the editorial shooting been interesting and time consuming, but so has the personal styling. Don’t ever underestimate a personal shopper – it’s hard work people! Knowing what body shape a man or a woman is, is not that easy, and don’t get me started on what colours suits them best (call me up, if you want to know if you’re a spring, summer, autumn or winter – I will give you the tips and tricks). It’s been a huge learning experience though, and a complete challenge for me, as I’ve only worked with the editorial part in the past, but if I have to be honest, then I really really really enjoy the personal shopping as well, and the closet editing. It is in many ways hard to arrive at a complete strangers home and telling them what to keep and what to sell in their closet. I personally would be like ‘no way, I am not getting rid of my worn out Céline pumps, they almost cost me a monthly rent!’ and of course you don’t throw them out if they mean that much to you, but perhaps the stylist knows what she (or he) is talking about, cause worn out shoes aren’t that cute – sorry! I love a challenge though, and I love meeting new people, so I really would like to persuade this some more. I know I am good at finding the right fits and understanding a woman body (I’ve lost 23 kg myself, I went from overweight, to ‘normal’, to ‘hey there toned legs’), I understand the women who are self-conscious about their stomach or arms, and I get those who want to show of their physique because they’re proud of it. Trust me, I get it!

… And when it’s not editorial or personal styling, it’s all about fashion history, blogging (in danish as well) and being a socialized butterfly who is enjoying her last month in London. I am enjoying myself, but man oh man, I am exhausted as well. It’s hard working on so many projects and still finding time to be with my family and boyfriend – I also have a weeding to plan, while doing all of this. But I am not complaining, because this is so much fun. I wish that being at London College of Style was my actual job. Just being creative and styling, while learning about fashion on the way, is all I dreamt about – if only it could pay for those Manolo Blahniks that I dream about as well (we all wish we had a Carrie Bradshaw lifestyle, right? Writing a column and still have enough money to buy designers clothes. I wish!).

Anyways, I’ve attached some photos below – from my first photoshoots, personal styling clients, and just a selfie – why not? I mean who doesn’t love a selfie? Probably a lot of people, but not this girl ??? I promise that there will be another post next week – perhaps about my own ‘sex and the city’ going London style stories. As I said, I am a wannabe Carrie …

… I couldn’t help but wonder (what will I write about next week?) …


Photographer: @tiffanymumfrd
styling: me / @rebeccalaudrup10
model: @macy.nevs
makeup: @patriziamakeup
hair: @sophiedalymakeup


Photographer: @yoshitakakono
Styling: me/@rebeccalaudrup
Model: @lizziemawson
Hair: @sophiedalymakeup
Makeup: @patriziamakeup


My client Sophie that I went and did a personal styling day with. We picked bright colours as she is a spring, however has a secondary autumn because of the brown hair. She was awesome and looked good everything (she is slender as a bodytype, so go figure).


Personal styling day with our client Rahim, he was an absolute blast to work with and looked amazing in our picks from Acne. He too has an athletic body shape and could rock almost anything!


… And me, just living life in London, taking it all in and enjoying my time in this amazing city before I go back to Copenhagen!


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