Hey London … Let’s get frisky!


y little blog is a over a year old, and some of you have asked me politely for the past couple of months ‘when the English version will come out?’. I don’t have a good enough excuse, other then this: I honestly wasn’t sure, if there would be anyone who would read what I wrote. Or perhaps I was just too lazy. Either way, those excuses are gone and I have decided to just work double shifts to get both versions out into the world. I am starting a new adventure studying at the London College of Style school, and therefore I’ve decided that this was the right time to start the English version. This is a new beginning, chapter and storytelling … Let’s begin!

So what have I been up to? Well, the reason for starting this blog (last summer), was because I moved to Hong Kong. After 15 months at ELLE fashion magazine, I moved away with the love of my life, Frederik, and instead of just sitting around waiting for him to come home from work, I began writing everything I saw, felt and tasted down – everything from travelling to Tokyo, to hardcore crossfit workouts, homesickness, and love letters to cities, people, the social media and more. A year went by, and Hong Kong was indeed a major chapter of my young adult life. However out of the blue, everything changed. We had to move again, back to our beloved home, Copenhagen … And even though, I was keen on going back, something inside of me said that I wasn’t ready to go home. It had been too short of stay, and I really needed to challenge myself, follow some of my own dreams and just ‘do it’ even though I was scared to my core.

So, here I am … In London! It’s been five years since I really studied and had classes – and five years whitout thinking about grades. And to be honest, I am bit rusty. I’ve been out of the game for too long, and I am that kind of girl who really just loves to explore things in her free-time … Even more so, I suck at planning my time! So raise your hand, if you are one of those who somehow always end up doing everything the last minute. Yikes, my hand is up! But we will get there, I will get there. I am already in love with what we are learning, which is everything from personal styling, editorial styling, fashion history, social media, and more.

Last week we went vintage hunting as a class trip (I mean, how lucky am I, that my class trip involved shopping?). Not to worry, I will make a mini-guide of ‘the five best trends at the vintage shops’ to follow. Furthermore, I have already styled a client at a place called Westfield Mall, and I’ve visited ‘Wear the walk’ which is a place where stylists and influencers can ‘rent/borrow’ cool clothes for a certain fee a month (just like Netflix). On saturday (during fashion week), I will be working backstage at Fyodo Golan’s fashion show, where I will style a model. So yeah, this kid is alright.

… And when I am not doing school activities, I am basically just enjoying the city – I’ve already spent too much money at & Other Stories, had a bunch of delicious food at different Markets, visited some awesome restaurants and cocktail places, gone sightseeing on a bus (which is by the way, really really chill and better than you would expect), walked in the park, window shopped, and much more. I still have a bunch of stuff on my bucket list, before I go back home  – such as, museum trips, see a musical, visit more markets, have a donut, get some cool-ass nail art, run in Hyde Park, go listen to Jazz and watch ‘Notting Hill’ over and over again.

So London, I am ready for you – therefore show me what you got, for these next 11 weeks! And to all of you reading along, my apologies for being lazy and slow on the English versions. I promise you that I will be up-to-date and write about my new adventure – in London, Copenhagen and any other cool cities that I might visit along the way.

See the pics below, on where and how my first week went in London. 


Picture from ‘Wear the walk’s’ cool closet …


Sightseeing trip – on a monday.


Flower shopping (in my head) around Mayfair area.


Enjoying the leaves falling in Hyde Park!


Miss Monroe on a bag, seen in ‘Wear the Walk’ closet … Can I borrow it?


School trip to Westfield mall, before the picture was taken we were in H&M where I styled Anna next to me …

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