Rebecca Retz Laudrup

Welcome – and thank you for clicking onto my blog!

My name is Rebecca; I am a 26 year old, Danish girl, who was lucky enough to live all over of the world.

Until I was five years old, I lived in places such as: Barcelona, Madrid, Kobe and Amsterdam. Afterwards, I moved to my home country Denmark, and stayed there for almost ten years. When I was 13 and up until I turned 21, I moved from city to city. Places such as Madrid, Moscow, Madrid again, Mallorca, Copenhagen and Paris, were actual homes. In 2017 I moved to Hong Kong, due to the fact that my boyfriend (soon-to-be hubby) was offered a once in a lifetime opportunity. A year went by and he was offered a new job, so we decided to move back to Copenhagen. Oh, and before moving back home, I decided to move three months to London, due to the fact that I wanted to learn and study how to be a stylist. Yes, if you are confused about the timeline, do not worry, it confuses me as well.

I have studied Fine Arts and Communication at the American University of Paris. And I have been a fashion intern at a Danish fashion magazine known as IN. However, most recently I worked for ELLE Denmark, as a fulltime writer. I have always loved to write, though it wasn’t until I worked for ELLE that I realized that this was my true passion and dare I say calling. I have interviewed some of the most interesting, beautiful, inspiring women, who loved everything from culture, fashion, art and new adventures. And it gave me enough courage to start my own blog, and write about what I saw, learned, and figured out on a daily basis.
Writing isn’t the only thing I really care about – style and fashion is also a big part of my life. Anything from styling my friends, reading fashion magazines, or posting outfits of the day on Instagram is (sad but true) a must. Perhaps that’s why I decided to move to London and learn about styling at the London College of Style.
Some of you may know me, some may not, but I am a firm believer in doing what you love – basically I love to love (add some sprinkles, magic and fairy dust on that, and we are good to go). I moved to Copenhagen because of love (for a magazine), I moved to a foreign country because of love (for a boy), and I would move again because of love (for a city). In the beginning I wanted a blog to inspire people to travel, however as the days, months, and years went by, I saw a pattern in my post – it was all about daring to be different, following your heart and being honest … Sometimes I am even too honest!

But hey; I am a dropout university kid that decided to go with my guts. Today I have eight countries on my CV, I am a freelance writer for one of the biggest magazines in the world, an upcoming stylist, a fiancée, a full-time blogger, and next year I have a book coming out. I did okay, so I know you will be just fine as well …

In the meantime, I hope you will read along and get inspired to travel, workout, start something new, find a lover, or buy a new pair of shoes … Welcome to Bee A Traveler, I hope you will travel through life – the ups and the downs – with me!