5 things to get at Brick Lanes vintage shops …


ave you ever stood in a vintage store and thought ‘why am I the only one who never seems to find anything in these shops?’. Well I have. The smell, the mess and the weird materials can sometimes make me want to turn around and walk away. However, in Brick Lane it’s completely different. Or, they just know how to make everything feel cool and trendy, and they have photo booths everywhere, which just makes it that more retro. I went to a few shops a few weeks ago, and to be honest I could have easily bought a lot of different key items. But if I had to pick, like really had to pick, I would chose these five … Enjoy!

  1. Levis 501 jeans – the coolest chicks are the ones who can rock a pair of vintage Levi’s jeans, and preferably the retro 501 kind. Your mom might have a pair, but if your mom was a petite (size two girl, like mine) and you are not, it might be a good idea to find some other ones. Go visit the shop ‘Atika’, in brick lane – they have them in every style, colour and size! The 90’s kid that I am, needs a pair, like ASAP!
  2. Trench coat (the Burberry kind) – Why buy a new one, when you can get a trench coat to a good prize with a bunch of character and history? The trend with the trench coat is back, and instead of buying a new one from a high street shop (everyone’s got one, so don’t do it), you should visit a vintage shop instead. Frederik bought a burberry coat in Notting Hill last week, and it’s amazing! I saw a few (read: a bunch) in Brick Lane, and you better hurry up – they might be gone soon!
  3. Cheap 90’s sunglasses – I am honestly the biggest sucker when it comes to the small 90’s glasses. I’ve got about seven pairs, and every time I see a new colour or style, I am there at the counter picking and choosing and taking them home. At the vintage shops they cost around 10 pounds, so instead of buying two cups of coffee that day, go get the coolest sunglasses instead. It’s worth it!
  4. The army style – some like army pants, others don’t – and that’s alright! However, most people like the greenish colour that can be seen in so many stores. And the best kind is those jackets, or pants that don’t look completely new. The army pants, are actually from the army, so even though we might never be as heroic as those who wore them in the past, it perhaps will give us some kind of ‘kick ass’-attitude.
  5. Sports tee – are you into sports? Yes? N0? Well, let’s just be honest, we have all looked at those sports tee in Urban Outfitters at one point or another. The reason why we didn’t buy them is because they are way too expensive (like how?). In the vintage shops here, it’s a whole other story. Sports tee’s just look cool tucked into a pair of old jeans, cool sneakers and under a trendy jacket. And they are super comfy, which is a win-win. Some might even cut them into a crop top, but please don’t … I beg you!



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